Staff Safety

One of the critical roles of a restaurant owner is to keep their staff members safe. An essential aspect of this is recognising and eliminating any hazards. They also need to provide their employees with a good level of training.

While working in the kitchen, it is common to see staff members handling knives. This should be done safely. Sites such as the Guardian have reported stories about blade related accidents in eateries. Novice workers may have to be taught how to chop food in a way that minimises the risks of injury. If an incident should occur, it is vital that a first aid kit is close by.

Fire is another issue to be aware of. There may be open flames or combustible materials within the cooking environment. All kitchens need working fire extinguishers. These should be checked regularly by licensed professionals.

One of the most common dangers is a wet floor. Mopping is performed often within these environments in order to keep the place clean. It can cause employees to slip and hurt themselves. For this reason, it is wise to have “wet floor” signs on standby.